Friday, March 2, 2012

Cousins Shout Out

This is a quick shout out to some of my favorite people, my family...especially my cousins. I have a great bunch of cousins on all sides of the family and so many of you have been such great role models over the years. Sara, I aspired to be a teacher like you. Melissa, you were the epitome of a cool, independent woman to me...I wanted to be just like you. Jenna, I loved how athletic you were, how awesome your collection of books was, and you know I envied your Pound Puppy! Beth and Jenny, I wanted you both to be MY sisters!

The other evening, I got to spend time with the Runnells family. I have such a great time with all of you cousins and am so grateful that you made me part of the family from the very first time I was with you. What a great, hilarious bunch to be a part of! I'm blessed!

And Runnells ladies, I'm searching the video/DVD collection for Tae Bo tapes. I found some Pilates DVDs and finding wine in our house is never a problem, so Wine and Workout Night will be happening very soon. I'll be in touch. Brian is super excited about his man cave being turned into our drinking and fitness studio.

Cousins, I love y'all!

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