Sunday, February 12, 2012

The End of a Long Road

When I sat down to think about it, I've spend the past 22 of my 29 years in school (and that even included a few summers, ugh!).  After high school, I spend the next four years in what has become my most beloved place, the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Then I was off to Carroll University for the next two years as I worked to attain my Secondary Education Certification.  I took just about a year off of school after that and begin my teaching career and then it was on to graduate school.  I graduated Carthage College with a Master's of Education last May and was ecstatic to have achieved a personal goal in a timely manner.  It was the end of a long road of schooling.  Like much in life, I've learned that things don't always feel the way you expect them to, and though I was very excited, it didn't much feel like I was truly done with school.

Last night, however, my bound thesis finally arrived, and I had that feeling of accomplishment and closure that I had been waiting for.  I really did it; I really am done with my Master's and my schooling...until I begin my doctoral studies...  Time shall tell, I guess.  

My bound thesis - and a photo reminder that I'm all done! 

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