Sunday, January 29, 2012

Q on the D

Yesterday was the annual Quick on the Draw competition at Adventure Rock, our climbing gym.  Each year, Craig, the gym manager, chooses a theme for the competition, and this year everyone got his or her robot on; it was the year of Quick on the Drobot.

I've only climbed in the comp once, and it was a totally nerve-wracking experience for me, so I prefer to volunteer my time and spend the day hanging out with our friends.  In the morning, I met Craig and his wife Sarah and the three of us headed to Pewaukee together.  Once there (and armed with a cup of chai), I helped with sign-in and registration.  When the competition began, I helped judge routes, tally scores and organized score cards and info.  The calculation and computer team were quite efficient -  that's what happen when you put ladies on the job; we get things done!

In the evening, after both sessions of climbing competitions, there is a finals competition.  The past few years I've helped out with isolation - I get the competitors into the isolation area, help gather info/music/forgotten items/etc. and then call competitors out for their climbing time.  Not only does this allow me to put my organizational skills to work, but it also affords me a decent vantage point for watching the finals competition.  The group of climbers competing in finals is always an impressive collection of talented people.  I especially enjoy watching the kiddos we used to coach and see at youth competitions continuing to improve and perfect their craft.

Often times, Brian volunteers to help strip routes in the days leading up to the competition and belay routes on the day of it.  This year, he decided to compete.  I was excited for him to do so and couldn't wait to watch him climb.  When he got to the gym for his climbing session, my excitement had coupled with butterflies - I was super nervous for Brian and had to look away more than once.  He did a great job, though he'll only speak modestly of his work.  He placed very respectably and was holding his own in a category of very strong, talented climbers - you should definitely be proud of yourself, Bri.  I sure am proud of you!

After the event was over, we took part in what has also become a tradition - the Nimmers' After Party.  Before I knew it, many hours had passed.  My stomach hurt from laughing so much and the non-stop action of the day was catching up to me, so eventually I had to take my very tired husband and self home.

Per usual, Q on the D was a blast.  Kudos to the ARock staff for another amazing comp and to my hubbers for doing so well!

Part of the finals route - the drobot 

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