Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Season

This time of year is always busy and lots of fun.  Christmas was great and so was the ringing in of 2012.  Let me recap the past few weeks/major events:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  • This year we hosted Christmas Eve at our house.  Brian's mom's side of the family joined us, so we had about 15 adults in the house.  Despite my incessant need to be clean and ultra-organized, I love having a full house.  I absolutely enjoy all the conversation and warmth that comes with time with family.  Brian and I also tried our hand at holiday cooking - we officially cooked our first ham.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed our culinary endeavor, so I would consider our first go at ham a success. 

Moe family photo

  • Christmas morning Brian and I opened gifts and got ready for the day.  Then we went to my parents' house for brunch and more gift opening.  I was super excited to see my dad open his iPad.  After brunch and some time relaxing with my parents and brother, Brian and I headed to his aunt and uncle's house.  We had a wonderful meal and really great conversation.  Many of us took turns 'driving' Christina's wheelchair (and some were better at it than others) and then enjoyed a Packers win before calling it a day.  

Bucks Game

  • The Tuesday after Christmas, while our friend Bobby was in town, Brian and I joined him, Rob and Jesse for a Bucks game.  It was my first Bucks game, and I was totally excited.  I love sports, so going to a sporting event is always a good time in my book.  My dad was working at the game, but I couldn't find him (Brian and I took laps around the Bradley Center in an attempt to do so).  We did, however, have and Uncle Skip and Devin sighting.  I made sure to point them out to the rest of our gang.  The Bucks won, so that added to the excitement of the evening.  

Runnells Ladies Lunch Date

  • The topic of Taco Bell lunches came up on Christmas.  It happens to be a favorite of Annie's and Grandma doesn't get to enjoy Taco Bell all too often as Grandpa isn't a fan.  Shannon and Annie thought a Taco Bell trip with Grandma was in order and Katy, Christina, Becky and I joined the ladies and Grandma Runnells for a Taco Bell feast.  Our party was crashed by Uncle Jeff, Auntie Jo, Mom Sue, and Mike.  We pretended to be annoyed by it, but it made the meal even more fun.  Without Uncle Jeff there, we wouldn't have gotten Christina's priceless face when he refilled her drink with some weird blue Mountain Dew. 

 New Year's Day

  • After a fabulous New Year's Eve and an equally enjoyable New Year's Day breakfast with Dawn and Chris, Brian and I went to his parents' house for the annual Runnells Pizza Party.  It was a typical Runnells event, which meant there was good food, great company and lots of laughter.  I really couldn't have asked for a better family to become part of.  I mean, just take a look at these pictures - we're quite the bunch!! 

Rosie, my fur niece

Bottom's up, Rosie 

Most of the Runnells kiddos - what a fine bunch! 

Katy, Auntie Jo, Grandma and Christina checking out the old family holiday photos 


The Kids' Table - eating, laughing, being silly - who wouldn't want in on this?! 

Annie was trying to teach Brian and new trick 

Shannon's turn to try out the L3 - lusty leg lift.  Annie is giving her the play-by-play.  KJ looks very impressed


Annie - look what yoga class taught her! I believe Kari Jo and Christina were laughing at my paparazzi skills 

trying out the ol' dulcimer 

Katy showing us her yoga skills 

Cousin down!  Cousin down!  Yoga in the kitchen is downright dangerous

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a holiday season as I did.  I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time with family and friends.  I especially worry about going through Runnells family withdrawal after all the fun we had the past two weeks.  Is it Easter yet?  I hope we don't have to wait that long to hang out again!  In the mean time, I think we should all be practicing the new tricks Annie taught us.  Are you with me, cousins?! 

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