Monday, November 14, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Let me begin by apologizing for a lack of pictures in this post - I guess I was too busy with my retail therapy...

...anyhow, Saturday I joined Mom, Auntie Bunnie, Auntie Lynn, cousin Jenna and Grandma for a day of shopping in Chicago. The Waukesha Park and Rec puts together a bus trip each year, and unlike last year when I was in a cast, this year I could attend. It was an early morning - I had to drive 35 minutes to get to Waukesha by 7:10 only to catch the bus and drive back in the direction of my house on the way to Chi-city. The early morning and the extra driving were definitely worth it - I had a great day, one that was really needed after my ray week!

The bus ride was uneventful, but it gave me a chance to catch up with my cousin. She has always been a person I adore and admire, and I love hearing stories about her little guy, Kaiden. Once we arrived in Chicago, we got right to it and the day was packed with all sorts of fun. We all made some good purchases and enjoyed catching up; I did the most damage at Gap and North Face and can't wait to sport a few new outfits.

My favorite part of the day had little to do with shopping, however. The best part of my trip had to be laughing at some of the ridiculous home decor items my mom and I found at the Home Goods store - when we get going, we cannot stop and before long, one or both of us laughing so hard she is crying or gasping for air. This day, we especialy enjoyed the white owl perched on a fake branch and the giant platter with an equally large turkey on it.

Aside from shopping, we had a nice lunch together and even found the time to sit down for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. What a great day we had. It was so nice to spend so much time with my family. They all are amazing women, who I love dearly. I can't imagine life without them or times like this where we get to be together!

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