Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ryan and Todd

Yesterday, Brian and I had the privilege of attending our friends' wedding.  Ryan and Todd's ceremony was held at the Wisconsin Club, which turned out to be both a beautiful and fun venue.

The ceremony was held outdoors, so it was a bit chilly.  The men seemed to handle the weather better than the ladies - it's hard to feel too warm with bare arms and legs.  After the ceremony, which was concise, humorous and heart-felt, we waiting in the very long receiving line to congratulate our friends. The receiving line moved slowly and waiting in it added to our chill.  By the time we made it inside, we all headed straight for the fireplace.  We warmed ourselves in front of the fire and with a few drinks before dinner.

Ryan is one of our friends from the climbing gym, so we were at the wedding with our gym friends.  We were all seated together at Table 1, and we quickly realized that it was a good thing that Table 1 was near the back of the room because we were having all too much fun! There was a lot of laughing and silliness, that is for sure.

After dinner, everyone's inner dancing machine was revealed.  Only one of the entire group of nine of us avoided the dance floor.  After a bit of dancing, we took a break for what might have been the world's best wedding cake - ice cream cake with your choice of caramel or chocolate drizzle.  Then it was back to the dance floor for more dancing.  We also managed to squeeze in some time for a few stops at the photo booth. We squished eight people into it, all of whom were adorned with some kind of costume/prop.  I hope Ryan and Todd enjoy our photos; we sure thought they were hilarious.

Clearly, we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit - I didn't get out of bed until after 9 am - and we were so honored to share in Ryan and Todd's special day.  We miss them now that they have moved to Seattle, and it was great to be with them as they started their married lives together!

Todd and Ryan
Warming by the fire 
a gift from the Browns 

a surprise for Ryan courtesy of Todd 

a climber on the Space Needle

drink mishap - that is a tomato in the glass

Seattle skyline in chocolate 

Ryan & Todd sign courtesy of Chris

Dawn and Chris

me and Brian

Eric and Katie

Chris keeping Shawn company while Amanda was taking pictures 
Steph, Dawn and Chris

Chris = #1 

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