Monday, October 3, 2011

I Think I Could Get Used to Weekends Like This

This past weekend was packed full of big-time fun, which began right after school on Friday.  To celebrate the promotion of one of my former co-workers,  I met u[ with friends for drinks at our favorite Kenosha hangout.  We were having so much fun that our few after-work drinks turned into a dinner date as well.  I had to eventually call it a night and get myself home since we had packing and such to take care of before our early morning departure on Saturday.   My beloved Badgers had a big game and I had friends and family to see.

Saturday morning was an early morning for us despite the fact that the football game wasn't until 7pm. We planned to make the most of the day and were going to meet our friend Meg and head to the Farmers Market.  Unfortunately, Meg wasn't able to join us, but despite that, Brian and I made our way around the square and picked up some goodies (spicy cheese bread, a cookie and a giant doughnut for Brian).  After our little excursion, we went to Meg's house to drop off our stuff, spend some time catching up and wait for my brother and cousin to arrive.  Brian and Dane made it to Madison around 1:30 and we headed toward the stadium to watch the Brewers game and prepare for a Badger victory.  Eventually, we met up with Meg again and enjoyed a few drinks with her and her friend before heading into Camp Randall.  The game was amazing and the Badgers were unstoppable....I loved it!!

I love this stuff! 

Keepin' warm 

Brian, Dane, me and Brian 

Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska!

Then, on the way back to our car, I ran into Kimmy, who I haven't seen in so long.  I was super excited to see her - in a city packed with people, we were in the perfect place at the perfect time! We spent a little bit of time catching up, and we're hoping that we'll be able to see more of her around the holidays when her crazy schedule calms down a bit.  She made me promise to tell everyone she says hello, so Hi from Kimmy.  She misses everyone as much as we miss her.

After the game, we took Brian and Dane back to their car so they could head to Green Bay for the rest of their weekend.  Then we went to the Weary Traveler for a tasty meat and cheese platter and a few more drinks.  Before we knew it, it was after 1 am and we were in desperate need of sleep.  It was quite the long day, and we had big plans for Sunday.

The next morning, we were up pretty early considering the lack of sleep we had.  We spent some time chatting with Meg, who we really miss (and we love that she has a spare room for us to crash in), and then we were off to Devils Lake for some hiking and climbing.  We took the Merrimac Ferry over to the lake and then enjoyed a beautifully sunny day.  We had to head back home a bit earlier than we normally would have, but we had a dinner date to make with Grandma and Grandpa Runnells.  Aside from the grandparents, my in-laws and Uncle Tom, Aunt Ann, Daniel and Xavier were there, so it was a nice family dinner night.  And we got to watch more Wisconsin sports team victories.  

I'm still extremely tired and probably won't make it to the other side of 9pm for the second night in a row, but it was totally worth it!

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