Last weekend, our friends joined us on a little camping excursion to Devil's Lake State Park.  Originally, we had planned to reincarnate our double-date camping trip from a few years back when we camped with our friends Dawn and Chris.  Sensing how much fun we all would be, our friends, Shawn and Amanda, joined us on the trip as well.  They also brought their kiddos, Logan and Anikka.  The eight of us were quite the group of campers and climbers from Friday evening until Sunday.

On Friday, Brian and I made our way to Devil's Lake to do some bouldering before meeting up with the group.  We spent the car ride listening to the Brewers.  I was reluctant to go climbing; I really didn't want to miss out on the game.  Luckily, the game went into extra innings and we were back in the car in enough time to hear the very exciting end to the game.  Our luck continued when we ran into Dawn and Chris on their way to dinner.  We tagged along for a late meal at the KFC in Baraboo.  Not being a fast food eater and never really liking meat on the bone, I opted for some mashed potatoes and a giant root beer float.  Talk about good, healthy hiking/climbing food, ha?! After dinner, we headed back to camp and spent some time around the campfire.

Before climbing commenced Saturday, the group of us made the trek into town for breakfast at our favorite morning eatery, the Alpine Cafe.  We were a big group and the place was hoppin', so it took some time for our food to arrive, and we all were hungry when it finally did.  We ate, chatted and made a plan for the day.  Then, we were off to enjoy some climbing.  Despite the warm weather, which isn't the best for climbing, we had a successful day.  We were able to find some shade and a nice breeze.  When we got back to the car around 4 pm, we were surprised at just how hot it was!  Our friends, Scott and Steph, joined us for dinner around the campfire.  They brought their doggy, Micki, and I tried to convince Brian we needed a dog of our own.  You can probably guess how successful I was with that one.  For dinner, we had Mexican - beans, rice and fajitas...delicious!  All the hiking, climbing and fresh air wore us out, so it was a pretty early night for us. Before calling it a night, however, Brian and I drove back to the park and visited Uncle Tom and Aunt Ann at their campsite.  They were with friends, and we all had fun sitting around the fire and sharing stories about our day...and the Brewers.

Sunday morning started with another campfire meal.  This time, Chris made potatoes, sausage and pancakes.  I certainly wasn't the healthiest eater on this trip - none of us were, I guess - but it was such a tasty meal! Then, we packed up camp and drove into the park to do some more climbing.  I was excited to walk along the lake and to climb at a place I had never climbed at before.  Again, we were able to avoid most of the heat and sun.  By early afternoon, however, the sun was creeping in upon us and the wasps were buzzing about.  We were all pretty tired by that point, so we headed back to our cars and then made our ways back home.

Per usual, I fell asleep in the car.  Even with my extra bit of sleep, I was exhausted Sunday night and barely made it to 9pm.  I take that as a sign of a very good time.  We're already talking about our next camping trip and cannot wait for Halloween weekend, when we all will reconvene in Kentucky at Shawn and Amanda's cabin for more 'camping' and climbing.

I don't have any pictures to share right now (they're on Brian's camera), but I do have a pretty fun video of our camp cook, Chris. 


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