Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey Ref

On Friday evening, our weekend of family fun/events moved into its second day.  We were off to a high school football game, but we weren't going to watch the game; we were going to watch the refs, who just happened to be my dad, Uncle Skip, Uncle Zeke, my cousin Devin and his friend Riccardo (Fish).

As a pre-game event, Brian and I planned to meet my mom and her friend Deb for dinner.  We were going to eat at Chili's (I fell in love with their queso dip last weekend) but couldn't wait that long for a table, so we opted for a quick meal at Noodle's and Co.  Then it was off to meet my cousin Jenna, her husband Tony and their little guy, Kaiden, who happens to be one of the cutest kiddos I know.  I was really diggin' Kaiden's football mittens and light-up shoes.

It was definitely a good thing that I am a fall girl because it got quite chilly during the game.  My hat and mittens were a must.  I really like football and enjoyed the game, though my attention was mostly focused on the officiating crew.  It was really fun to watch everyone on the field, and I absolutely loved watching my dad.  I felt like the parent, so very proud of him while he was out on the field doing his thing...and I might add that he makes just about the cutest ref I've ever seen.

Here are a few pictures of the night, though I will admit that it is hard to see the refs...

Dad - middle of field
Uncle Skip - near sideline 

Look at Kaiden's football mittens!

Uncle Zeke in the white hat 

the men conversing on the far side of the field 

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