Sunday, September 25, 2011

Badger Saturday

Saturday marked my return to Camp Randall after taking a weekend off to celebrate the impending arrival of my new cousin, "Baby Malic".  Brian was out of town covering a climbing competition, so I invited some of my friends, Justin and Amanda, and my sister-in-law, Becky, to the game.  Lucky for us, it was an afternoon game, so we didn't have to get up too early or rush to Madison.

Regardless (and despite my desire to finally sleep in), I woke up early Saturday morning.  What I saw wasn't so exciting - I noticed flashes of light outside of my window; a storm was brewing and I was worried we would spend the day soaking wet and cold.  I immediately checked Madison's weather and was excited to see the forecast called for sun in Madison.  Though I didn't' really expect sunny conditions, I was hanging onto hope for the day to remain dry.

By the time everyone met at my house, it was pouring outside.  We rushed to the car and made an obligatory stop at Starbucks before departing (coffee was needed - it was chilly!).  The further west we drove, the better the weather was, and though we got to Madison a little later than intended, we still had enough time to enjoy the game day atmosphere.  We also ran into my Uncle Jeff, Aunt Mary Jo, Uncle John and Aunt Margaret, who all happened to be at the same bar we were at - thanks to Facebook, they knew were were all at the same place and called Becky to meet up.

Then, it was off to the stadium.  I don't like to miss kickoff, but we were having so much fun that we decided to hang out a bit longer; we got to our seats not long into first quarter, which was impressive considering bathroom breaks and snacks were needed along the way.  It was a great time and I loved watching the Badgers move to 3 - 0 on the season....we even got to see Melvin Gordon, a former Bradford High School student, score his first college touchdown...go Melvin!

After the game, we walked around on State Street looking for goodies and then made a dinner stop before calling it a day.  I am now the proud owner of a Bucky Bobble Head, something I've wanted for a while (a Badger pillow pet is next on my list).  It was a long day, and it got quite cold in Camp Randall, but we sure made the most of the day and had an absolute blast!

Photographic Evidence of Us Having Too Much Fun ...

how our drive started out

look what we can do - had to stop off at the park on the way to the game

King of the Mountain 

all of us atop the rope tower 

pregame fun


Justin and me


honey badger doesn't give a ...

alright Bucky!

good guys WIN

5th Quarter 

Bucky as band director 

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