Friday, August 12, 2011

North Woods Summer 2011

We've made it our goal to do and see as much as possible, so we are often gone, but we love spending time with family when we are home, and this summer we got to do some of that up north at Brian's parents' cabin in Lac du Flambeau, WI.  We basically made an up north sandwich of July and spent both the 4th of July weekend and the last weekend in July at the cabin.  It was a great way to start and end the month, and both times we had lots of fun, though the weather was a bit different each visit.

The first trip began with a ladies' road-trip; my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I all drove up north on Thursday afternoon and were able to stop in Minocqua to see Aunt Barb play volleyball, a sort of Thursday tradition for our drives up.  After that, we made our way to the cabin, where my father-in-law had been for the past few days.  We spent all of Friday enjoying beautiful weather.  We took boat rides on the pontoon, went swimming and even made a trip to What's the Scoop for ice cream.  Brian arrived Friday night, and aside from the ice cream run, we had a repeat of Friday the next two days.  We also did a bit of fishing, usually as a warm-up activity for swimming, but I did manage to catch a few decent fish (at least they weren't the glorified minnows of fishing trips in the past).  On Saturday evening, we had a dinner get-together with a Auntie Barb, Auntie Jo, and Uncle Jeff.  Uncle Jeff is always good for laughs, so we had a great time.  Monday, the 4th, we headed home and were able to visit my family at my Auntie Bunna and Uncle Ed's house, where they were hosting a grill-out.

Brian and his dad tending to the fallen tree

my first catch

my next catch (my third is not pictured)

Siblings - Becky and Brian

the pontoon boat - I heart that thing!
Brian's catch - mine were bigger :) 


Fast forward to the end of July...

We were again able to enjoy time with family when we visited the cabin, which, at the height of company, held 31 people - not to mention two dogs, Hannah and my sister-in-law's puppy, Rosie, just about the cutest puppy you'll ever meet. This was a shorter visit for us; Brian and I didn't get up north until Friday evening, so when everyone went into town Saturday morning for the annual Bearskin Run, we decided to stay at the cabin and do some boating and such.  We were also the babysitters for Rosie.

When everyone returned Saturday afternoon, that's when the real fun began.  The cabin was packed with people.  Luckily (for my in-laws), only a few of us stayed the night (11); the rest of the family came by for a cookout.  It was really great to see everyone, listen to stories of their summer travels, share our own stories, swim, sit by the fire, cook s'mores and play games -- yeah, I said that...normally, I'm not really into the games, but Auntie Jo put together quite the smattering of activities, which were entertaining to play and watch.  We didn't do any fishing this trip, which was for the better for Brian.  I think he's still recovering from be so badly outfished by his wife :)  Sunday afternoon, we headed home...maybe we'll try to sneak in one more visit to the cabin before summer is over.

Rosie helping Brian read the paper

Isn't my little fur 'niece' the cutest?! I want one!

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