Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wedding

The entire reason we came to Colorado was to celebrate my cousin Sara's wedding.  On Sunday, she married a great guy, Matt, and we're really happy to have been here to witness the ceremony and take part in all the fun they planned for their guests.

Friday night, as I mentioned in a previous post, my aunt and uncle hosted a welcome dinner.  Saturday evening, Matt and Sara invited all out-of-town guests to a rehearsal dinner at this fun, beachy restaurant called The Beach House.  After dinner, they cleared away some tables and brought out a ping-pong table and bean bags.  The family, who happens to be a bit competitive, put both items to good use.

The cousins at Beach House - ready for a fun night

The wedding ceremony was held Sunday evening, so we were able to spend the morning doing some hiking.  Brian picked a moderate hike of six miles and we were out the door and on our way to the trailhead by 9am.  The trail turned out to be a bit longer than expected and I think the trail markers were entirely wrong.  The trail was supposed to be three miles one way and 3.5 miles from the other direction.  Those numbers did not account for the trip to the summit, which was an additional .75 miles each way (or so they say).  Brian and I figured the actual distance was somewhere between 7.5 and 8 miles, and the rain we experienced on the way back to the car didn't help our overall experience.  Nonetheless, a somewhat enjoyable hike sure beats sitting at home doing nothing.
3 + .75 up + .75 down + 3.5 = a longer hike than expected

on the summit of Greyrock - it was appropriately grey

After our hike, we got ready for and attending Matt and Sara's wedding.  The wedding was really special and very personal to the couple; it included a little back story of the couple and many of their own words and thoughts.  After the ceremony, there were hors d' oeuvres, drinks and dessert served at the reception hall.  There was also plenty of dancing.  I would have to say the high points of my night included dancing with my dad to "My Little Girl", the father-daughter dance, which we were invited to share in, dancing with my hubbers to our wedding song and joining my family on the dance floor for "Should've Been a Cowboy", a song that has special meaning for all of us; it is a song that we have long connected to our grandpa/dad.

the bride and groom

Time just flew by, which is always a sign of lots of fun at a wedding.  The night would not have been complete without a family shot...err..toast :)  It's become a tradition - it started with an accidental incident at one of my cousin's weddings quite a few years ago.  From that point on, we've all partaken in the event and it has become a sign of the super strong bond our family shares.

I am so glad that we were able to make it to Colorado for Matt and Sara's wedding.  And I'm excited to see our family continue to grow.

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