Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Next Few Days in Beautiful Colorado

Tuesday I was sans husband, so I spent the day with my grandma and my parents.  We dropped my brother off at the airport in the morning and then headed to Georgetown, CO.  There, we rode the Georgetown Loop Railroad.  The railroad took us up the mountain and then dropped us off at an old silver mine, where we got to do some exploration.  Then we picked up the train and rode it back down the mountain.  That night we had dinner at Beach House Grill, the restaurant my cousin hosted her rehearsal dinner at.  It was pretty good, but what I really enjoyed was sitting on the roof-top deck to eat.  I hear it had been very rainy at home, so the beautiful weather was especially nice!

Georgetown, CO

The bridge

Railroad car

old railroad parts at the mine

Safety first - me, Grandma and Mom

handpowered equipment used to haul rock
The Widow Maker - it kicked up so much dust that the miners died very early deaths 

Wednesday, we went back to Horsetooth Reservoir to do a bit more climbing.  Since it was warm and Brian wasn't climbing, we only stayed a bit.  Then we went to Rocky Mountain National Park for the rest of the day.  We had lunch in Estes Park and then went into RMNP to explore..  We decided to hike the Dream Lake Trail, which is 1.1 miles each way; overall, you gain 425' in elevation.  Brian and I wanted to show everyone around the park that we absolutely adore, and we wanted to do so as best we could,  but we didn't want to overwork anyone or see anyone get sick from altitude.  I was super impressed with how well everyone did considering it was their first hike of the trip.  My mom told my dad that they need to do this more often...maybe I can be their tour guide!  It's also important to note that once we got closer to the lake a good portion of the trail was snow-covered.  My grandma continued to hike with us the entire way to the lake despite the snow and altitude; she called the hike her birthday present to herself and I was so excited to see how proud she was of having hiked as high and as well as she did.  I'm always so impressed with how Grandma continues to go out and do so much.  I absolutely love her and am so glad she was willing and able to join us for the hike and for the whole trip.

doing a bit of climbing
Dad, Mom, Grandma, me and Brian at RMNP - love it there!

one of many snowy sections of the trail - lot at my grandma go - she was such a trooper!

Grandma and me

Mom and me standing above one of the ponds

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