Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colorado, cont'd

Our second day in Colorado was just as amazingly lovely as the first.  Friday morning, unlike Thursday morning, we got to sleep in and start our day in a leisurely manner.  After breakfast, we walked around Pearl Street.  For those of you who know it, Pearl Street is much like State Street in Madison.  We stopped at a great coffee shop for a smoothie - we stopped there during a previous visit, and it was an even better experience this time!  I was able to check out a few shops before Brian hit his shopping limit, but one of the stops we made was at the Prana store, which I love.  For outdoor people like Brian and me, Prana is heavenly.  Brian walked around making a list of items to order online using his pro deal.  I had to keep my spending in check because I don't get a sweet pro deal like he does.  And Prana only allows you to use your pro deal on items for yourself; apparently the company doesn't understand that a happy wife makes for a happy husband.

After shopping, we went to Whole Foods for lunch and then drove to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We visited a part of the park we hadn't yet been to, so it was nice to see a new area.  It was very windy and a bit cool from time to time, but the sun was shining and I really enjoyed watching Brian climb.  I didn't do much climbing because the ground wasn't what I like to call 'broken-ankle friendly', but I certainly enjoyed hanging out.  I know we'll go back to the Park next week, and I will climb then.

On our drive out of the park, we spotted a giant elk on the side of the road and snapped some photos.  Then we drove to Fort Collins, checked into our hotel, unpacked a bit and met up with some of my family for a welcome-to-town dinner at Jackson's.  It was so nice to see everyone and to meet my new cousin, Sophia, who is just the tiniest baby I have ever seen.

After dinner and drinks, we headed back to the hotel.  In the morning, we all met up again and the girls went shopping.  We found the most amazing store, Charming Charlie.  It was hard not to spend all day there, but we all made purchases and then met the boys for lunch and a brewery tour at New Belgium Brewing.  It was a really fun tour for me, and I'm not much of a beer drinker; I loved hearing about all of the eco-friendly practices the company utilizes, and the slide at the end of the tour was pretty fun too.

one of many bikes you'll see during the tour

Sibling enjoying a tasty drink

Our first tasting






Manifest - the mission statement of New Belgium Brewing Co. 

Oh Colorado, how I love thee....if it weren't for my cats and my need to pack for Italy, I may never come home!

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