Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Getaway

A while back, Brian suggested that he and I take a few days and get away.  Normally, that would mean we would go to Kentucky and do some rock climbing, but Brian wanted to be sure life wasn't all about climbing (hmm...I think he may have heard those words from someone before), so he suggested we go to Chicago for a few days.

We were seriously running out of time on our hotel reservation, so we decided to squeeze in the Chicago trip during our holiday weekend. Aside from seriously needing to get away and distract myself from everything that is going on, the trip was good practice for this summer.  Brian and I are going to spend a little over two weeks in Italy (insert jumping for joy here), so we will need to be well-versed in public transportation.  We'll be taking buses, trains and water taxis all around the country.

We got on the train at the airport and were in Chicago within 90 minutes.  I was a bit worried because I often get car sick, and I wasn't sure how the train would be.  It wasn't too bad.  We had to brave the rain and wind to catch our bus to the hotel where we were staying, the Raffaelo Hotel.  It was just a block off of Michigan Ave., so we were very close to everything, and that made for a really nice Saturday.  Friday night was very relaxing, and since we no longer have cable at home, Brian was really excited to watch basketball.

Saturday, we slept in, which hasn't happened in a while it seems.  Then we packed up and walked around the city for a while.  The weather was perfect for that; it was sunny and warm.  We had pizza for lunch, and since it took forever to make the pizza, we had plenty of time to chat about our Italian travel plans while we waited.  We did a bit of shopping, and then caught the afternoon train back to Milwaukee so we could be home for Becky's birthday party Saturday night, which was lots of fun.

I wish every weekend could be so relaxing.  I really enjoyed our time away from home.

Practicing for Italy - a little train trip

Hanging out in the Windy City 

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