Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Voice, Really?!

It is no surprise that I catch a germ or two during the school year when you consider the fact that every day I am surrounded by kids, who, despite my best efforts, aren’t always careful about containing their germs.  I started feeling a bit ill last Friday and figured I'd caught a bug.  I was worried it meant that Brian and I would have to cancel our dinner plans with our friends Craig and Sarah and their kids, but I felt better as the evening went on and we were able to have a great night with them.  Saturday I woke up feeling pretty horrible, but again started to feel better relatively quickly and managed to work through most of my cold symptoms.  I was feeling almost 100 percent on Wednesday, and since it was so nice, Brian and I decided to spend Wednesday afternoon at Grant Park walking along the lake. 

Thursday morning I woke up feeling very strange.  When I tried to speak to Brian, I couldn’t.  I no longer have a voice!  And I mean I had no voice...nothing!  I have been afflicted with laryngitis, which is terrible.  I am sure this is some kind of karmic torture, as I am rarely ever silent.  Forced silence is horrible.  How does one talk to her cats or order her chai without a voice?  How does one teach without a voice?  

The kids have been pretty good.  They’re eager to be my assistants, which amounts to being my voice and they know that if they're too naughty, the wrath of Runnells will befall them when my voice returns...which I hope happens by Monday.  

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