Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Weekend

Friday night was girls' night.  I was invited to dinner, as two of my friends were stopping to eat in the area before they headed up north.  We opted for Mexican, which was no surprise. We all love Mexican food and margaritas.  It was the three of us versus Botana's and the rainbow margaritas.  You can probably imagine who won...but we had a great time and we laughed so much, I think we all cried.  I really love my girlfriends; they're the best!!

After spending the better part of my morning reminiscing about the fun I had Friday night, I had to pull myself off the couch and get ready for my next weekend event.  I had an afternoon coffee date with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, I'd say at least five years.  Sarah and I were pretty much inseparable in high school.  Time, distance and trivial things got in the way of our friendship, and before I knew it, we weren't really talking.  It always upset me, and brave and outspoken as I am, I was reluctant to reach out to her for fear that she didn't want to talk, so I was really excited when Sarah sent me a message and we made plans to get together.

We met at 2 in the afternoon, and I don't think we left Starbucks until after 7:30. We probably would have stayed long if I didn't have dinner date with Brian, who happened to have been climbing all day and was very hungry.  Sarah and I had so much to catch up on, and while we were talking I noticed how much we really know about each other and how many stories we've shared over the years.  We found ourselves laughing because, good kids that we were, we don't really remember much about high school other than the social aspects of it and the times we got in 'trouble'.  We talked family, boys, work, etc. and it was like no time had passed at all.   I  am definitely looking forward to the next time Sarah and I get together!

Today, Brian and I are going to the gym; our goal it to make me a climbing least that is his goal. After the gym, we're joining the Runnells clan for Uncle Mike's annual bowling event.  Brian and I are both pretty competitive, and one of us isn't a very gracious loser, so games and competitions are always interesting.  I like bowling, but I think Brian really likes it because he knows it is the one game I cannot beat him at (hey, he did take a bowling class in college).

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