Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Star Wars Revelations

This past weekend Brian and I took our climbing show on the road and spent Saturday afternoon at Boulders climbing gym in Madison.  As much as we wanted to do some climbing, our trip was really motivated by our desire to spend time with our friends, Matt and Meg.

It's no secret that I am not a huge Star Wars fan.  I have so many questions about the whole darn thing, and Brian, who is a big fan, can only take so much of my Star Wars mocking before he entirely ignores me.  Recently, I've tried to improve my attitude about the epic and suggested that we watch the movies.  Poor Brian really needed reinforcements for this task, and that's where Matt and Meg (especially Meg) come in.

The four of us spent our Saturday evening eating pizza, catching up, and watching Star Wars Episode 4.  It was a far cry from how we spent our typical Saturday nights in college, but we certainly had a good time. While I tried to suppress my desire to refer to R2-D2 as a vacuum and C-3PO as a giant battery (and yes, I had to google search the proper spellings), Brian and Meg quoted lines, talked about character motivations and discussed their favorite Star Wars books.

While I wouldn't yet call myself a fanatic, I did learn a bit, I can explain the basic plot, and I didn't entirely hate the movie  And, if nothing else, I bought myself a shopping trip or an ice cream outing....Brian owes me that much for sitting through the whole movie, right?!

You understand my skepticism about the whole 'best movies ever ' thing, right?!   

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