Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Central

About this time of year, the typical teacher is ready for a break.  Winter Recess is now little more than a fleeting memory and Spring Recess isn't quite on the horizon.  There is no such thing as a vacation day...but there is the glory of the snow day.  And this week, we've had TWO!

Because I still have a bit of a drive to work, on the typical snow day, I'm already up, showered and dressed before school is cancelled.  You can imagine my excitement, then, when school was cancelled for Wednesday before I left the building Tuesday.  I was equally excited to find out that Brian's wouldn't have to go to work on Wednesday.

Before we could fully enjoy our day off, we had some shoveling to do.  We bundled up, and headed outside, fully expecting a brief shoveling excursion.  It seemed that the snow wasn't so deep, but when we got outside and saw the giant drifts and the wall of snow at the end of our driveway (the downside of living on a cul de sac), we realized most of our day would be devoted to snow removal.  We were also concerned  about our sister, Becky, who had snow drifts covering her doors.  After we got our driveway cleared, we drove to her house and helped Becky clear the many mounds of snow.

By the time that was all done, we didn't have much of the day left, nor did we have much energy.  We mustered up some excitement and went to Grant Park to do some snowshoeing.  The lake was quite a sight, and it was a lot of hard work snowshoeing in all of that snow, but it was tons of fun! The lake was a slushy, rumbling mess yesterday.

Today is another snow day -- yep, two in a row.  Brian and I decided to make it an improv 'date day'.  We're going to have breakfast and do some work (not so very date day-ish, but oh well), go to the climbing gym, and go to dinner.  I knew Wisconsin winters had to be good for something....

the wall of snow at the end of the driveway

snow up to my knees

the neighbors' snow drift - in the middle of their driveway

the pile of snow in our cul de sac

the airport 

dump trucks trying to clear the airport

Becky trying to dig out 

Lake Michigan 

the slush 


  1. We had the university closed yesterday. The snow drifts were interesting to look at yesterday - in some spots you could see the grass and in others, especially closer to the buildings, the drifts were taller than me. Plus there was ice all over the windows because the snow would blow onto them, melt from the heat of the building, then freeze.

    The parking lots are a mess. I probably have 3 feet of snow behind my little cavalier. I have to move it before Saturday...

  2. Thanks again for the help! I think I would still be shoveling today!