Sunday, January 9, 2011

For 2011 –

Please excuse the infrequency of my posting as of late.  Aside from thesis work/meetings, it seems that anything without an "i" in front of it receives little attention in our household, and the broken internet on my laptop fell victim to that. 


I have never been one to practice the art of New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m a pretty driven person (likely too much so), so when I think of something I want to do differently I do it.  Despite that, I appreciate the practice of self-evaluation.  So, for 2011, instead of making a resolution to do something new/differently, I want to maintain some practices started in 2010.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

maintain a 4-5x a week workout schedule
      get at least seven hours of sleep per night during the work week 

      enjoy at least one alarm-free weekend morning 
      resume a running regimen and prepare for some kind of charity race, a plan that was derailed by last summer's surgery 

      have one date day per month – no iPhone, no iPad, no distractions…
  attend every Badger football home game (and get to at least one road game)
practice and enhance my cooking and baking skills
      spend another year broken-bone free
      visit a new place or a national park -- Italy here we come...I hope!
      spend more time with friends and family more frequently  


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  1. You forgot one -- Go see the Badgers at the Rose Bowl!! :)