Thursday, January 13, 2011

Family Ties

I was reading my cousin Jenny's blog, and she posted about her brother's birthday.   She did a really cute thing and posted 24 facts about Sean in honor of his 24th birthday.

I guess it is true that we really are products of the people we come from.  Clearly some of the ol' Unti traits have made their way to both Sean and me.  How else can you explain some of our similarities ... moving the furniture when dealing with bouts of insomnia, loving dogs, hating mornings.... the list goes on.

I definitely enjoy spending time with my cousins, people  who are similar to me yet independently unique.  I absolutely adore them all.


  1. Yeah...Unti's totally rock. Although for the record I am not nearly as weird as Sean :)

  2. Jenny, you are a lot more weird now since you are a Malic. Also, Amy I think that i why I enjoy you so much is because we are so a like. Miss ya