Monday, December 27, 2010

I Guess I'm an Open Book, Ha?!

It's never been my intention to keep my Badger love/pride/fanaticism a secret, and it is now very obvious that the news of my love for everything Bucky Badger and UW has made the rounds.

This Christmas, a number of my gifts were Badger themed.... and I love every one of them. Check 'em out.

Big Ten Champs T-Shirt 

Badger Blanket - so warm!

Stocking, ornaments, Snuggie, and Badger hat (pictures of me wearing the hat coming soon!)

Wisconsin Lamp (it rotates to show Bucky) and a photo of BR and me at one of the games 

I should note that I also received a Wisconsin serving platter and bowl and some fancy Wisconsin tissues that will be making an appearance at our Rose Bowl/New Year Pizza Party.


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