Friday, December 3, 2010

Congrats Climbing Narc

Long before I entered the blogosphere, Brian was making a name for himself via the Internet.  A few years ago, while nursing a climbing injury, he started his own blog, ClimbingNarc.  Despite his modest response when you ask him about it, the site has been immensely successful.  If you've ever been curious about all my rock climbing chatter, Brian's site is a good way to see exactly what this world of climbing is all about. 

I'm especially proud of Brian's most recent accomplishment.  Because of his hard work and the attention it has generated on the Internet and within the climbing community, he was interviewed in Climbing magazine.  The article appears in this month's issue.

Congratulations to my husband, the Climbing Narc....and am and always will be his #1 Fan!! 

The article (oops, our name is spelled incorrectly... but only in the title)

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  1. Congrats Brian- who knew you were so famous. I guess I have another blog to add to my list of favorites!