Birthday Month Festivities

Last weekend was the second weekend of birthday celebrations.  I couldn't imagine what kind of surprise Brian had in store, so much like a little kid, I was very anxious.  Fast-forward to midday Friday, and I found myself in the Dells at the Kalahari.  In typical Amy fashion, I had fallen asleep during our car ride, so I had no clue where we were when I awoke.  I was extremely excited to be at the Kalahari, the place where Brian proposed six years ago.  The excitement only increased when I saw two tiger cubs in the animal enclosure in the hotel's lobby.  I wish I had pictures, but pictures had to be purchased, and they were well over $35 dollars....and you weren't allowed to hold the tiger cubs.

Brian and I had a wonderful time; it was extremely relaxing and romantic.  We enjoyed a quiet, cozy evening and a tasty breakfast Saturday morning.  The scene at breakfast was a beautiful one, and the sky was white with giant snow flakes.   This was a problem only because we had to drive to Madison later that morning.

We arrived in Madison without incident and met up with our friends Matt and Meg.  They were going to be our weekend hosts and were going to join us at the hockey game later that evening.  After catching up for a bit, the four of us enjoyed a few rounds of drinks while watching Marquette fall to Wisconsin (GO Big Red!!) and then braved the rain and headed out on State Street.  While it was nice not to freeze, the rain was a bit surprising since the forecast called for snow, which it certainly did later that evening.

After our State Street exploration, we enjoyed dinner at Dotty Dumpling's Dowry, and before long the snow was falling and rapidly accumulating.  We trekked through the snow and made our way to Wando's for a pre-hockey game round of drinks, toasted to friendship and the Badgers and then enjoyed another Wisconsin victory.  The Badgers defeated the Beavers of Bemidji State by a score of 2-0.

We didn't let the ever-increasing snow deter us and returned to Wando's for a fishbowl.  Oh did that bring back the memories, cloudy as they may have been.  We ended the night at the Karaoke Kid, where Matt and Meg serenaded us.  By far, one of my favorite moments of the evening was listening to Meg inform the crowd that her singing partner was her man and that, despite six years of dating, he still hadn't proposed (Matt, you really need to get to it, buddy!).

It was soon time to make our way back to Matt's house, which wasn't an easy task.  Though it has many redeeming qualities, its ability to tend to snow is not Madison's strong suit.  We basically plowed the streets as we drove.  This was also the case Sunday morning when we headed out for breakfast.  The Interstate was mostly clear, so we were able to get home, which we were concerned about.  I'd stay in Madison forever, but I think Brian was ready to get home.  He probably missed the cats.  Or he was afraid the birthday month celebration had gone to my head and worried I would expect presents and fun every day of the month....

Kudos to Brian for planning a wonderful birthday weekend and for getting us around Madison and home safely.

the purple fishbowl 
the fishbowl and Meg's hat - On Wisconsin 


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