Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Festivities

This past weekend was my birthday.  That's right, I'm the big 2-8 now.  Honoring the spirit of my birthday month tradition, the celebration has spanned many days...and it's not over yet.

Thursday (my actual birthday), Brian and I went out for dinner.  I decided that laid-back was the theme, and we went to Sobelman's for burgers and beer.  My cousins (Dane and Erik) and my brother are so proud, I know.  They were the ones who just couldn't understand how I could ever have lived as a vegetarian.  If you happen to live in the Milwaukee area, I recommend eating at Sobelman's.

Just like when I was little, I was very excited to open my birthday present.  Looks like this Badger girl is going to a Wisconsin hockey game.  It's important to note that about three years ago, we had similar birthday plans.  Unfortunately, there was a snow storm and I was in a walking cast, so we had to cancel.  I'm happy that this year I have no walking cast and the weather looks favorable.  Also important to note - I am told there are more birthday surprises in store.

My birthday gift :) 

Friday night was my "friends party".  Brian, Becky (my sis-in-law), and a some of my friends joined me for a Mexican fiesta at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Botana's.  It was really fun to have people with me from various stages of my life.  I think my friend Rob wins the "has known Amy the longest award"; we've been buds since 7th grade (Brian was a close second; we've known each other just about that long, but he was afraid of me and didn't talk to me for a least that's my interpretation of it).

I had been waiting all day for dinner and was very happy when everyone was eager to enjoy some Rainbow Margaritas, which I thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend.  After dinner, we came back to the house for cake.  Unlike at the restaurant, nobody sang or made me wear a sombrero.  After cake, it was time for the highly-anticipated  Just Dance.  We put Brian's jumbo TV and Justin's Wii to good use.  It was extremely exhausting and hilarious, and the pictures don't do it justice.  My stomach still hurts from all the laughing we did.

On Sunday, my parent came over.  They got to see the holiday decorations around our neighborhood, and we watched the Packer game.  After visiting for a bit, we went to dinner.  I guess my Mexican heritage was in full force; my mom suggested Botana's (I'd been recommending it for some time), and though I had just been there two days earlier, I agreed.  It was just as tasty this time around!

I must say that 28 has been excellent thus far.  I have to thank all my wonderful family and friends for their cards, gifts, and kind words.  I love each and every one of you!!

me and my birthday cake (Thanks Star)

Ryan, Justin, me, Katie, and Amanda's finger

English teachers 
Gearin' up for the Wii 

Just Dance!!! 

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