Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Ten Champs

It's been a great season to be a Badger fan, and diehards like me are exhausted now that the season is coming to a close.  Many a Saturdays have involved early wake-up calls, miles of walking, hours and hours of cheering, and, as of late, lots of shivering in the cold.  It's all been done for the love of the Badgers.  And I would do it all over again...and I sure hope I get to next year.

Saturday's game was an impressive showing and a great celebration; the football gods even granted us a 2:30 kickoff.  After a major malfunction on my part (I forgot the tickets, and we had to drive back to our house before meeting my parents) the trip to MadTown was uneventful.  We escaped the cold in one of my favorite Saturday morning hang-outs, The Big Ten.  We watched the other important games of the day, enjoyed some drinks, people-wathched, and I texted my fellow Badger fans/alums.

The atmosphere inside Camp Randall was great, as always, and the energy level did not subside the entire game.  It was so lively and wild that Brian got caught up in it and was jumping to "Jump Around" for the first time this season - I was so proud.

For the second time this season, the student section stormed the field.  Our seats were a little high up and did not afford us the opportunity to do so, but we did enjoy the fireworks from our seats and cheered with all our neighbors.

It's been a great season, and I'm not sure what I'll do next Saturday when there's no game to watch...I guess it's time to get excited for Wisconsin Basketball....and that shouldn't be too difficult for me.

Pre-game celebrations 

me, Dad, Mom

It's game time!

On Wisconsin!! 

And the students storm the field 

Fireworks - We're Big Ten Champs!!! 

Check out the field 


70 - 23 

Ending the last home game of 2010 in style 

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