Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's My Birthday Month...almost

Though my mom says this is a privilege only attained when one reaches 50, I say it's a privilege I am worthy of right now.  I've spent my entire life celebrating my birthday very near a holiday (though it could have been much closer, I realize).  Since I have to wait until December for either of the big celebrations of the year, my birthday and Christmas, I figure I should make it last in order to remember the excitement all year long.

Because of that fact, I've named the entire month a time to celebrate...that is a time to celebrate ME.  And best yet, I think Brian has conceded; he did put up a good fight.

That means I'll play the "It's my birthday month" card whenever I'd rather go out for dinner than cook, whenever I could go for a snack or a shopping trip, whenever I'd rather cozy up by the fire than fold laundry...I think you get the picture.

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