Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Big W at the Big House

Last Thursday I realized that I had an opportunity to fulfill a giant wish/dream of Brian's.  Since I've known him, he's spoken of his love for the University of Michigan.  Being the Badger girl that I am, I did my best to beat that Michigan talk right out of him, and I would say I've been relatively successful.  However, his desire to visit the stadium and take in a game has not subsided.  And, truth be told, I was pretty curious about the Big House myself, so I figured I should find a chance to take in a Wisconsin-Michigan game with my hubbers.

We purchased two tickets (excellent seats), fueled up the Fit and departed for Ann Arbor on Friday afternoon.  We stopped in Jackson, MI, where we had a hotel reservation.  The hotel was so disgusting and smelly that we aborted that mission and drove straight to Ann Arbor.  Our second hotel was much better than the first, and I took that as a sign that the weekend would turn out quite well.

There wasn't the party that is Madison on a Saturday, but we did walk around a bit and enjoyed the game day atmosphere (and I got to sleep in that morning).  Heading into the stadium was an experience.  We entered at the 72nd row and got to walk down to row 18; the stadium is awesomely large and walking closer and closer to the field made for a great first visit.  We were really packed in, but the view was great, and the Michigan folks were rather friendly and welcoming.

Best of all, the Badgers claimed another victory.  To celebrate, we went to the Grizzly Brewing Co. for drinks and dinner.  We'd been there once before, with our friend Craig, and we enjoyed it just as much this time.  Then we walked around town and checked out the campus.  Beautiful as it was, it simply made me think of all of my great times in MadTown.

I'm glad that Brian and I got to experience this exciting event together.   I know he really wanted to see the stadium, and I really wanted to see Wisconsin play (and beat) Michigan.  I am hoping that we can make this a tradition....

Me, Charles Woodson and Brian

The M Den

The field 

The BEST team and Michigan 

3rd and goal 

Time for another Badgers TD!!! 

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