Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homecoming - Badger Style

It was Homecoming in Madison on Saturday, and though Brian was out of town, I did not let that interrupt my plans to celebrate.  Since graduating, I've been carefully calculating plans to become a season ticket holder, and this year my dream came I only hope it can last!!  Our usual game day buddies, Matt and Meg, were otherwise engaged this weekend, so I had the perfect opportunity to share my Badger love with a few of my Kenosha friends.

Katie, Justin, Amanda and I had a lot of work to do.  The much-hated Minnesota Golden Gophers were in town for the Homecoming Game, and the coveted Ax was up for grabs.  The ax, for those of you who don't know about it, is awarded to the winning team when the Badgers and Gophers face off.  It has been with the good guys for a few years now, and I know Bucky did not want to give it up, especially on Homecoming.  No need to fret, the Badges destroyed the competition....

The four of us spent the day cheering for Bucky and hating on any Gopher fan in sight.  It was unbelievably warm, especially for October, but we stayed strong and showed our Badger pride.  I love being a Badger alum, and I'm glad that my friends were able to tolerate my fanaticism...and join in on it.

Class of 2005 REPRESENT!

I'll let the pictures do the talkin' from here -

Our first Gopher sighting - Get 'em, Amanda
Notice how confused the Gopher lady is...Yes, we're hatin' on you

Celebrate We Will....I heart my friends

Why have someone take your picture when you can do it yourself?  

Justin is totally annoyed by the Gopher fan trying to encroach on our party space

Me and Justin - melting in the heat but still going - Katie, we see you!
This was shortly before Justin got wild during a pre-game playing of  "Jump Around" and jumped into my drink....which sent it flying all over him, Katie and me

The AX foam 

Justin is ready to chop up any Gopher fan who gets in his way...or chop my drink as it turned out 

Katie and I are attacking this Gopher fan while we wait for our snacks.  Everyone says we're very much alike, and it's true We both hate Gopher fans

Katie and I are axing the people in front of us

See?  Go away Gopher fans, or we'll ax you 

Justin and Amanda (she's using her ax as a fan)

Clearly the heat got to us all - I think Katie and Amanda are petting the cows with their axes 

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