Half Day Happiness

Since yesterday was our first Parent-Teacher Conferences of the year, today was our first half day (the four extra hours of work Thursday night means that many fewer hours today).  I decided to take advantage of this gift and made a quick trip to the Outlet Mall in Pleasant Prairie.

Initially was a bit disappointed with my first stop, and I thought this whole shopping endeavor would be a bust.  But, it turns out that I was a successful shopper, and I have some really great finds to prove it..  First, I searched the shoe store looking for shoes that comfortably fit my "new" feet.  I found a cute pair, but the store didn't have my size in the color I preferred.  No need to fret though; I was able to order the shoes, and they should arrive at my house in a few days.  I'm very excited to get a present via UPS.  It seems that Brian is the only one who typically gets deliveries.

I had new shoes, so I needed new clothes to wear with them.  I found some of my favorite, most comfortable pants at The Gap, and loved them so much that I returned the pants I had purchased at another store some ten minutes earlier.  I must have looked ridiculous returning to the store just after leaving it.

Aside from the moment of pants purchasing indecision, the afternoon of shopping was a hit, and I capped the day off with a visit to my friend Star's house.  I hung out with her, our friend Amanda, and baby Emma.

I like how this weekend is progressing thus far.  Tomorrow it's Badger football/Homecoming in Madison.  Keep an eye out for me if you'll be in Mad-Town.


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