Monday, October 4, 2010

Bradford, Bradford, Bradford

Last week was Homecoming Week at Bradford High School.  Because my friend Amanda was assigned the task of organizing the dance and much of the week's festivities, I did my best to support her where I could.  That meant helping with permission slips, ticket sales, and ballot counting.

All of Amanda's efforts and the efforts of the kids surely paid off, as was evident Friday.  First, there was the Homecoming Assembly, which was entertaining as usual.  All of the couples on court make videos as they battle it out for the coveted title of Homecoming King and Queen.  Then, after school, candy, kids, and floats took over the greater Bradford area.  It was parade time, and it was a blast! I had the pleasure of watching the parade with a few of my favorite boys, Seth and Ethan.  They are my friend Star's kids, and they're two of the most well-behaved, cutest boys you'll meet.

After the parade, our usual group went to the game.  Though the Red Devils started out slowly, they definitely showed their true abilities, and by half time, it was evident that the undefeated season would continue.

We'd barely entered the third quarter when the weather changed and everyone began to shiver.  Also, we met a little girl who saw a few of us as trees to climb upon - odd, I know.  We'd had about as much as we could take of both the little one and the weather, so we headed out and the gang (Justin, Amanda, Katie, Ryan, Nick, Brian and I) wrapped up the night at our favorite Kenosha hangout.  We enjoyed drinks, conversation and pizza.    It was the perfect way to wrap up the day.

Katie and me - We cheered, we froze, we left before the game was over

It was cold and rainy.  We shared some ponchos (read: plastic bags)

It was a difficult task requiring carefully calculated moves 

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