Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is That A...? Uhm, Yes. Yes It Is!

Well today it began.  Grad school, that is.  This is my last official graduate course aside from Thesis writing, and I am very excited about that.

After class, I met up with my friend Amanda, who was working on some graduate work of her very own.  She and I were chatting as we walked toward her car.  Mid-conversation Amanda interjected,
"Uh, is that a....?", and at that point, I saw what she was seeing.  I answered, "Yes.  Yes it is."  IT was a skunk.  Yes, a skunk was in the parking lot.  More specifically, it was directly in front of Amanda's car.

How were we to get to the car without upsetting the skunk and causing it to spray noxious skunk fumes at us?  We tried to give it a minute to move along.  It did not budge.  Then I attempted stomping/clapping sounds much to the entertainment of Amanda and any passerby.  Again, Mr. Skunk stood perfectly still.  Next we looked for things to throw at the skunk, and when we couldn't find anything, we tried to set off the car's horn.  Nothing  bothered the skunk. The stubborn little pest held its ground, and we were trapped in the parking lot.  After circling the car, we found that the skunk had disappeared.  We hoped and assumed that it had made its way into a nearby drainpipe.  Quickly we leapt into the car and drove away.

Thankfully, we escaped the skunk encounter, but those of you walking about the campus of Carthage College may want to beware.

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