Sunday, September 26, 2010

...For The Very First Time

This weekend was a big "first" for our very-much loved and long time family friend, Elaine.  It was the first time she visited Camp Randall Stadium.

Most people who know me know that I've spent my entire life with two last names; before I became an Unti-Runnells, I was a Jarvis-Unti.  Elaine's mom, Maureen, and her two sisters, Lynn and Anita, all took turns babysitting me and my brother as we were growing up.  Every member of the Jarvis family has been a very big part of my life, and they're as much family to me as my own blood-relatives.  They've been part of all of my big milestones, and it was great to be with Lainey for a milestone of her own (or at least it is a milestone in my mind).

A Badgers game in Madison is an event like no others.  The city becomes a sea of people dressed in red on football Saturdays.  This Saturday was no exception, and as has become the traditions for the 2010 season, we started the morning with a visit to the Big Ten.  Beers, mixed drinks and a Bloody Mary were ordered.  Then it was time to move a bit closer to the stadium and sample the drinks at another establishment, The Stadium Bar.  It was after a few drinks there that I officially realized what was happening.  I had been over-served, and I was not alone in this.  Oh Madison, oh football Saturdays! I remember singing songs and dancing around with my mom and Elaine.  I hope nobody else remembers either of those things!

By the time we got to the stadium, it was clear that some food was in order.  After some brats and hot dogs we had recovered enough to fully enjoy the game, rather the annihilation.  Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time, I remember thinking I really need to slow down on Saturday mornings.

The Badgers defeated the Governors of Austin Peay by a score of 70-3.  Bucky's arms must have been sore after all those post-touchdown push-ups.  Good thing he's so tough, just like all Badgers are.

We celebrated the victory and Elaine's first visit to Camp Randall with a visit to our friend Matt's house.  We had some celebratory tacos and met the world's craziest dog, a terrier that Matt was watching for the weekend (I hope Matt survived the ordeal).   It really was another excellent Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bagpipe players

Elaine, me and Mom

Elaine and Mom sharing a beer - now that is friendship

It was very sunny!

Mom had to empty her entire bag at the stadium - something about no bags only purses...hmmm

Another exciting part of this weekend was spending Sunday afternoon at Miller Park.  Though the Brewers haven't had the most impressive of seasons, it was a great victory.  Likewise, it was lots of fun tailgating with Mom, Dad, Uncle Skip, Brian and Zeke.  Since there were plenty of empty seats, we were able to move down to section 108 to sit by my parents.  I've seldom sat so close to the field, and it was a nice perspective, though I still didn't capture the attention of Ryan Braun or Prince season.

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