Sunday, September 12, 2010

Badger Season Kickoff

Sadly, I was not at last weekend's football extravaganza in Las Vegas where the Badgers destroyed UNLV.  Upsetting as that was to me, I recovered from the disappointment and certainly enjoyed Saturday's game where Wisconsin beat San Jose State 27 to 14.

After spending four fabulous years in Madison and making regular visits to Camp Randall, I miss the atmosphere and excitement.  Having tickets this year (a longtime dream of mine), I plan to be the biggest, best Badger fan - rain, shine, snow, you name it.

Yesterday it seemed that I would have to deal with at least one of those above elements.  It rained nearly the entire drive to Madison but cleared up just as we arrived at Meg's apartment.  She and Matt were ready to go, and we hopped into the car and drove toward the stadium.  Anyone who has ever been in Madison on a Saturday during football season understands that parking can be tricky.  Thankfully, Brian and Matt took care of parking duties and dropped Meg and me at the corner of Regent and Randall in the heart of the pre-game festivities.  Neither of us women were in any condition to travel great distances.  I have my baby boot and my fabulous limp, and Meg now sports an arm sling as a result of an unfortunate bike accident.  We gimps soon found ourselves a nice place inside one of the bars, and when the boys arrived, we ordered drinks, chatted and prepared for some massive cheering.

Though it wasn't the blowout that was anticipated, the game was enjoyable.  The Badgers played decently, the sun came out, and I was able to hobble a bit during Jump Around.  I'm very excited for the next game where my brother, our cousin, and some of our friends will be meeting in Madison for all sorts of UNTI antics.  Watch out Madison and Let's Go RED!

Here come the Badgers - first home game of the 2010 season

The Wisconsin Marching Band 

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