Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Emma

Along with travel and surgery, my summer was filled with lots of lessons in baby-growing courtesy of my pregnant friend, Star.   Many a lunch dates turned to talk of all things prenatal. There were so many eye-opening tidbits that I could not keep that information to myself.  Jenny, you'll remember the Bacon Scare of June.  I was informed, via Star, that bacon intake had to be limited if not eliminated during pregnancy - not a pleasing bit of information.  I shared this with Jenny and she and I jointly grieved for our future days without bacon.

But just when I thought I had sworn off pregnancy in this lifetime and any subsequent lifetimes, I met baby Emma, who was born last Friday.   As soon as school was out, my friend Amanda and I  retrieved Star's boys from after-school care and took them to meet their baby sister.  What an awesome experience to be included in.

Emma is absolutely gorgeous (pictures forthcoming with Star's permission).  Because we love Star and Emma and because we weren't able to do so on Friday, stopped by to hold Emma and catch up with Star this week,  and watching that baby with her momma made me forget about all the scary, awful parts of pregnancy I'd spent my summer freaking out about.

Welcome to this world and our crazy circle of girls, Miss Emma!

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  1. Oh my lord, I totally remember the Bacon scare of 2010!!! I am going to still be a little sad to limit the bacon intake but quite frankly, I probably shouldn't eat that much bacon anyways!