Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Beautiful Badger Weekend

Well, it was another beautiful weekend full of fun and football for the Runnells clan. The excitement began Friday, when the whole gang came by for a bit of festivities.  We had spicy meatballs, taco dip, pizza, and brownie banana splits (a brownie curst with nuts, chocolate syrup, banans and strawberries on top).  After having plenty to eat and drink, we headed to the game.  There, we cheered the Red Devils on as they dominated the Knights of Oak Creek.

After the victory, everyone returned to our place for some more eating and drinkin'.  Eventually, we had to call it a night.  We had an early morning the next day.  Mike and Lisa, my brother, my cousin, Evan and Matt (Bird) all met us in Delafield to make the trek to Madison.  We met by 9 am and were in Madison just after 10.  Celebration commenced shortly thereafter when we arrived at Meg's apartment.  The whole group had a whole lot of fun.  Thanks to our driver, Matt, we had plenty of time to visit the Big Ten before going into the game.  Though we all payed for our behavior a bit later in the day, it was well worth it.

Dane, Matt (Bird), my brother Brian and Evan

I learned about this really cool thing called Icing.  I tried it; I like it.  My brother, who had to take a knee and slam a Smirnoff Ice, did not.

Mike, Evan and Brian at the Big Ten enjoying some tasty treats

Just another Saturday in Madison - Dane, Lisa, Brian and Evan

Bird and me - alumni pride!

Dane, Brian, Brian and Bird
Notice Bird's face.  I think it means, "Drink up!"

At the game (second row in the south end zone)
I took my brother's hat - camo is totally in this season

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