Monday, August 23, 2010

Why It's Great To Be - Knak Edition

August 13, 2010
Both of my parents come from relatively large families, at least by today’s standards, so that meant that, with dozens of cousins, I was never short of company growing up. Though we’re all grown (and some of us have babies of our own —I’ll get there one day), we really do love to reminisce about our younger days.  
One topic that tends to elicit a lot of laughter is my “Why It’s Great To Be a Knak” list (my Auntie Lynn’s family).  I believe this list was formally introduced at a co-ed softball game a few years back.  I probably had more drinks than balls hit to me, so I had time to generate the list.  
For your pleasure, I thought I would share it with you…and add some explanation for those less versed in my oddities. 
1. Donuts holes - When we would spend the night at the Knak house, we could always count on Munchkins (donut holes) for breakfast courtesy of Uncle Skip.  Such a breakfast was unheard of in the Unti household.  
2. Dress-up clothes - After a hearty breakfast of donut deliciousness, time was spend playing in the basement with Jenna and Devin, my two Knak cousins.  A favorite activity was dress-up.  The most coveted item, in my mind, had to the be cheerleading outfits.  We even got the boys in them once or twice.  I swore I would wear that cheerleading sweater and skirt every day if I owned it myself.  
3. Rainbow chip frosting - Every July, rainbow chip frosting was liberally spread on two birthday cakes (one for Jenna and one for Devin).  Devin once told me that he could eat the extra frosting whenever he wanted.  The thought of Devin going into the fridge to have a taste of that delicious treat whenever he chose was unfathomable.  With the extra frosting from my birthday cake, I got a daily allowance of a single graham cracker with frosting…ONE graham cracker.  
4. Giant Pound Puppies - By now, your heart is probably breaking for me.  Don’t let me fool you; Dave and Jo were good to their children, and they certainly indulged my love of animals.  I was the proud owner of a Pound Purry and a Pound Puppy, Laddy.  I paraded them about, sure that I had that on the Knak children.  Then I was introduced to the giant Pound Puppies.  Everything is better when it’s bigger, and those puppies were no exception.  
Oh, the injustices I’ve endured…..
My Pound Purry and Pound Puppy
Exhibit A - The Knak Pound Puppies 

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  1. I LOVE rainbow chip frosting! That's the best frosting, hands down.

    I also had the sad, little pound puppies/purries... I never even knew the big ones existed. You've ruined my whole childhood. :-P