Monday, August 23, 2010

A Family Affair

I haven’t been getting out of the house all that much, so when my mom suggested I head out to my cousins’ softball game, I immediately called Brian at work.  He answered the phone with a simple “Yes”.  I thought he was short on time as I didn’t get a very pleasant greeting; turns out he was responding to my yet-to-be-asked question (he’d seen my mom’s message of Facebook and was ready for my call).  
We used to live much closer to the softball diamonds and to my aunts/uncles/cousins/parents, and regularly attended family activities, even the impromptu ones.  Now we’re a good 35 minutes from the central hub of my family’s activities, and don’t get to see everyone quite as often.     
I’m so glad we decided to take the drive west last night!  While chatting with my mom and dad, I looked over my shoulder and into the bleachers and couldn’t help but smile.  We were surrounded by so many family members - two of my aunties, three of my uncles, four of my cousins and their babies (some big, some small…all great kids), and my grandma.  
One of the greatest gifts my parents have given me is the understanding of how important one’s family is.  I cannot imagine living my life without regularly seeing my family. And on top of that, my cousins put on a good show and won their game (one of those cousins happens to be the former owner of a giant Pound Puppy - see Why It's Great to Be - Knak Edition).
So I’d say the night at the ball park certainly was a family affair.  

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