Monday, August 23, 2010

All Too Productive...Even For Me

Perhaps my most notable quality is what I shall call my attention to detail.  Be it my love of cleanliness, my innate desire to organize or my inability to put off what I am thinking of doing, it probably seems like I'm not very relaxed.  Oh on the contrary.  I find cleaning, organizing and planning to be very soothing...odd, I know.  
I realize that I might be wound a bit tight, and I've been working on relaxing my obsessive-compulsive desires.  Crutches have certainly made that process a bit easier as I can't do a whole lot too quickly.  So, with my new-and-improved relaxed nature, today I planned to do only a tiny bit of work and save some of it for another day.  Well, that plan backfired.
I now have the following established:  the first literature unit (day-by-day), the first grammar unit/test schedule, seating charts, library visits, and a general idea of my classroom layout, though I’ll have to call on my trusted pal Amanda to do the heavy lifting.  
All that work frees up my Tuesday quite a bit.  I would say that my efforts require some kind of reward…if only I could drive myself to Starbucks.  Hmmm....

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