Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making A Return To The Gimp Squad

Well, it looks like I’ll be back on the gimp squad before too long.  I met with my ankle doctor (I’m sure “ankle doctor” does not appear on his medical license, but admitting I see a podiatrist makes me seem so old, so I’ll stick with the aforementioned term), and he was concerned with the amount of pain I was having.  His initial concern was that I was developing arthritis (again, how old do I sound?!).  I had a series of X-rays, the same ones I had post-surgery, but this time it was much easier to comply with the technician since I could actually move my foot.  The doctor also detected some bone development in an area where it was not supposed to be.  I was sent for a CT of my ankle to further evaluate.  
Yesterday, I met with my ankle doctor to get the results of the CT.  I was most concerned about the possible arthritis as long term treatment is ankle fusion (I don’t sit still very well, and I could not imagine not walking well/properly).  I do have some minor arthritis developing, but my doctor is sure that the arthritis is not the cause of my pain; he found other issues that will require treatment. 
On August 3rd, I’ll have an operation to shave down that bone development (The doctor refers to it as a process - bone development that is not supposed to be where it is - it’s like a horn growing off my bone.), remove a bone fragment (probably a piece of bone from my original injury that has been moving about undetected), and investigate the condition of the tendons at the back of my ankle.  I’ll also have some work done on my big toes to fix damage from climbing (and that shoes I wear while rock scaling). 
I’ll be in a walking shoe (left foot) for about a week, and on crutches for that long too.  I will have to dig out my walking cast to wear (right foot) for a few additional weeks, but I’m excited to be rid of the pain in my ankle, so I’ll tolerate the temporary set-back. 
I’m looking forward to scheduling a post-surgery pedicure.  Who wants to join me?! 

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