Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lac du Flambeau Livin'

This past weekend was spent relaxing in the lovely North Woods. I headed to Lac du Flambeau with Becky, my sister-in-law, on Thursday afternoon, which meant that we missed the monsoon-like rains back home, and Mom and Dad Runnells joined us later that evening; Hannah, the pup, was also in tow.  Friday morning was cloudy and cool, so we headed into town to take care of errands.  By lunch, the weather had shifted, and we were able to enjoy some sun on the pontoon boat.  I may have overindulged in the sun, but I had to do something to get this skin looking more Mexican :)  We spent the evening taking in the sights and sounds of Minocqua - that meant a stop at What’s the Scoop, the ice cream shop, and a visit to the ski show.   
The fun really began when Brian, Matt and Meg arrived late Friday evening.  Until Sunday afternoon, we balanced eating and drinking (BPB’s pretzels and rye chips, burgers, brats, beer and Bahama Mamas) with fishing and jumping off the pontoon boat.  Oh yeah, the boys also mixed in some manual labor (they had to alter the layout of the dock to accommodate the new boat).  Aside from Meg’s very impressive pontoon jumps, we also had the neighbors and their antics to entertain us - synchronized dock jumping, blow-out fights, drunken Frisbee.  And Saturday night BPB (aka my father-in-law) put on quite the fireworks show.  
What a great weekend! 
Sisters out for an ice cream treat - I recommend Heaps of Love 
Back off…he’s all mine 
Booze cruise time
Meg’s pre-jump pose 
Hannah, the pup - she also loves the pontoon boat 
My father-in-law and his jumbo catch 
Matt’s contribution to the Wall of Fame 

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