Thursday, July 29, 2010

Date Day

Though I am privileged to have my summers to myself (no grad school or work commitment this year), I often feel like that doesn’t mean I have more time with Brian.  He does work a four day week (10 hrs per day), but with our busy summer schedule, there has been but one Thursday, Brian’s day off, where we both were home and free.  Taking advantage of the day with no plans, and trying to do all we can before I cannot walk, we decided to have Date Day.  What a great day it was.  
We slept in, had a quick breakfast and headed out to the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Though Bri could certainly live without the zoo, he was a real trooper.  We ate lunch there and even had an ice cream treat.  After the zoo, we went for a short drive around Milwaukee and stopped at the lakeshore for a quick stroll.  Despite the sewage dumping, the smell wasn’t any worse than normal - not sure if that’s really a good thing, Lake Michigan.  After the lake, it was adult time, so we went to the grocery store…we needed a break after all the lively activities, anyhow.  
We made homemade pizza for dinner, watched a bit of TV on the jumbo-tron in the basement, and then capped Date Day off with a fabulous sunset motorcycle ride. I get a lot of good thinking and planning done on the back of a motorcycle, so I now have the next two years of our life planned - I think you’ll all like what I’ve come up with; I just have to run it by Brian first.  
I’m looking forward to our next Date Day, which will include me in a cast, plenty of pain meds, and Brian watching all the poker he can during my unconscious spells.  How romantic, ha?! 

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