Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Weekends, Two Weddings - Too Much Fun

BR and I have been busy with wedding festivities as of late. Last weekend, our longtime friend, who served as the best man at our wedding, married his lovely bride. It was much like a homecoming, as the entire college crew was reunited in Madtown to celebrate Bobby and Leah’s marriage. It was hot and humid for the rehearsal, but the weather cooperated on wedding day, and the couple had a wonderful ceremony at the Monona Terrace. I must say that BR made a very handsome groomsman (he surely can rock a pair of suspenders). After a fantastic dinner and a groomsman’s turned rap (featuring some Marquette slamming), Bucky Badger made an appearance. A picture with him was a must. Then it was back to singing along to Pat McCurdy. I knew it would be difficult to top this party; there were so many great moments. If anyone could do it, I was certain my cousin, the maid of honor at my wedding, could. She did not disappoint. And for more on that, stay tuned. 

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